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Application and processing of hot melt copper nuts

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Copper nuts are classified according to the conditions of their embedded nuts, and one of them is called hot-melt copper nuts. As the name suggests, the forming method of hot-melt copper nuts is that the copper nuts are formed in a hot-melt machine. The material of hot-melt copper nuts is usually lead-free brass of model C3604 and free-cutting brass of model C3604 as the substrate.

The method of embedding the hot-melt copper nut is usually to increase the temperature, hot press into the small hole of the plastic, and then cool to form the thread. The hot melt machine heats the copper material to about 90 degrees Celsius to increase the temperature in the copper nut, and then presses the copper nut into the plastic part. Finally, the pressure handle is taken out, and the plastic part and the copper nut are thermally fused into one, and a thermally fused copper nut is thus formed.

The volume of hot-melt copper nuts is generally small, and it is usually used in the field of electronic products. If you have friends who need to process customized hot-melt copper nuts and copper pins, you can contact us.

Application and processing of hot melt copper nuts

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