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Copper nuts to be touched in daily life

2020-07-25 09:03:22

There are many types of copper nuts. The hot-melt copper nuts that are often used in daily life are mainly used in electronic products. The material is generally lead brass. Because of the performance of lead brass, for example, in terms of electrical conductivity, it has good electrical conductivity, and it can withstand high temperatures, and it is not easy to rust when dissolved.

In addition, hot-melt copper nuts have good thermal conductivity, so they are often used as embedded copper nuts, or some customers call them injection-molded copper nuts. This type of copper nut is also very common in daily life and industrial processing and assembly. It is mainly to heat the copper nut, and then melt the plastic part and inject it on the copper nut. Doing so can make the product more beautiful, and no trace of copper nuts can be seen on the outer packaging.

If you need to process hot-melt copper nuts or hexagonal copper posts, you can contact us.

The most important hot melt copper nut in daily life

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