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The difference between ordinary copper nuts and hot-melt copper nuts, the characteristics of hot-melt copper nuts

2020-07-25 09:03:22

First of all, the difference between them is that they are used in different ways and occasions: the use of hot melt nuts is to embed or press them into the heated mounting holes to achieve an interference fit. Generally, special glue is used (of course, the outer surface of the nut is There will be structures such as lines that increase friction), and then connect other parts to the nut to achieve special connection requirements. Ordinary nuts are generally directly connected with bolts, screws, etc. to achieve fastening purposes! Secondly, their manufacturing materials are different! Hot-melt nuts are generally heat-resistant and wear-resistant alloy steel, while ordinary nuts are reheated with general carbon steel.

Features of hot melt copper nuts:

1. It can tolerate less fleshy design.

2. It can be embedded quickly by hot melt or ultrasonic wave.

3. The design of round head guide has good positioning effect; it is not easy to be skewed.

4. Staged outer diameter design, gradual injection of plastic; base material plastic is not easy to burst.

5. The double diagonal pattern design in the opposite direction, combined with plastic precisely, has strong torsion force.

The company is mainly engaged in: automatic hot-melt copper nuts for plastic parts, hot-melt copper nuts processing, etc. Products are widely used in electronics, communications, sheet metal cabinets, injection molding, mechanical instruments and other industries.

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