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Method for implanting plastic by hot pressing and hot melting copper nut

2020-07-25 09:03:22

How to implant hot melt nuts

Hot-melt implantation is a common way of implanting nuts. Generally, hot-melt machines and manual electric irons are used to bury the nails.

1. The copper pressing handle is heated to 80~90 degrees by electricity (due to different substrates, the temperature control is also different, generally about 10 degrees lower than the melting point of the substrate), contact with the copper nut, and increase the temperature of the copper nut

2. Press the copper nut into the plastic part

3. Withdraw from the pressing handle, the copper nut and the plastic part are thermally fused into one.

Other ways to implant nuts

Hot melt copper nut planting plastic

Injection nut

Injection molding implants generally have strict requirements on the hole diameter of the nut, and the hole diameter is controlled within 0.05mm. Because the product is fixed with a Molding Pin and placed in the injection mold, the nut hole diameter must be controlled by the size of the PIN needle of the injection molding machine.

Ultrasonic nut

Ultrasonic implantation is a kind of friction between the nut and the workpiece surface and internal molecules through ultrasonic vibration to increase the temperature of the transfer to the interface. When the temperature reaches the softening temperature of the workpiece itself, the nut is embedded in the rubber part When the vibration stops, the workpiece is cooled and shaped under a certain pressure at the same time.

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