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Share a common sense of stainless steel tension spring

2019-05-22 11:40:18

The stainless steel tension spring is an elastic element used in many industries such as chemical machinery and electronics, which requires corrosion resistance, medium temperature resistance, and non-magnetic (130M). The stainless steel spring can produce greater elastic deformation when loaded, which makes the mechanical Work or kinetic energy is converted into elastic potential energy, and after unloading, the deformation of the stainless steel tension spring disappears and returns to its original shape, transforming the deformation energy into mechanical work or kinetic energy.

The spring factory designs and produces all kinds of stainless steel tension springs. Stainless steel springs are suitable for working environments such as high and low temperature and corrosion resistance. The materials mainly include 130M, 304,302,301,316,316L, 321.202.201.430.420, 631, etc.


1. Uniform and beautiful surface condition.

2. Good formability and uniform elasticity.

3. High plasticity, fatigue resistance, good heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

4. The surface state of the material is selected by the user: bare wire, nickel-plated spring wire, resin-plated spring wire, and stainless steel springs are divided into bright surface, matte surface and semi-gloss surface. Customers can choose according to the precision and beauty of the product.

5. Whether it is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic stainless steel spring.

Can be widely used in electronics, home appliances, industrial, civil and other products.


According to the nature of the force, stainless steel springs can be divided into extension springs, compression springs, torsion springs and precision springs. According to their shapes, they can be divided into disc springs, ring springs, spring leaves, spiral springs, truncated cone scroll springs and Torsion bar spring, etc. Ordinary cylindrical springs are the most widely used because they are simple to manufacture, can be made into various types according to the load conditions, and have simple structure. Generally speaking, springs should have high elastic limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness and good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, etc. The commonly used materials are referred to above. Commonly used spring wire with a diameter of less than 20 mm is cold-rolled. After the stainless steel spring is made, it must be pressed or polished to improve the load-bearing capacity and surface finish of the spring.

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