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In 2014, he entered the "Shenzhen Pengbo Love Mutual Aid Association" and has helped many poor students to establish libraries.

"Shenzhen Pengbo Love Mutual Aid Association" was founded on January 1, 2008. It is a "caring family" formed by people from all walks of life because of the common belief. The members are mainly in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai is dominated by lawyers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, and ordinary migrant workers.

In August 2011, the Shenzhen Pengbo Love Mutual Aid Association was formally registered in the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, becoming a non-governmental public welfare social organization with independent legal personality.

The association upholds the concept of "spreading love out and letting love be all over the world", gathers the charitable power of the people, donates to schools, helps the disadvantaged, pays attention to socially disadvantaged groups, and organizes members to carry out social assistance based on education, assistance to the disabled, orphans, and disaster relief. Activities, actively participate in education assistance actions for poor children, vigorously develop volunteer teams for public welfare activities, and advocate good social morality

"Shenzhen Lan Qiaoying Technology Co., Ltd." began to participate in student assistance in September 2014 and has funded 56 people so far; aided the construction of 2 libraries; the company subsidizes the annual meeting of the association and the summer camp activities of students every year. Supported 17 people and has helped 56 families.

Joined the "Shenzhen Hardware & Electrical Industry Chamber of Commerce" in 2018 and has become a vice chairman unit. Shenzhen Hardware & Electrical Industry Chamber of Commerce is a professional industry organization approved by the Civil Affairs Bureau and the Municipal Government and registered in the Civil Affairs Bureau according to law. It was established in 2005 . The members of this association cover hardware, electromechanical, tools and measuring tools, electronic accessories, automation, SMT, hardware cross-chemical, hardware coating, mold manufacturing, and related service organizations, law firms and industry representatives.


The purpose and mission of the association: to comply with my country's constitution, laws, regulations and policies, abide by social ethics and customs, actively assist the government to strengthen industry self-discipline management, create a good industry business environment for industry enterprises, and earnestly safeguard foreign businessmen in the industry and local enterprises of various types of ownership The legal rights and interests of the company; provide members with information services and legal services in terms of technology market, capital, labor and employment, and promote inter-enterprise.

Resource integration and sharing; strengthen industry publicity and communication to enhance a good industry image: guide and help companies build excellent industry brands that adapt to domestic and international market standards, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of industry companies in domestic and foreign markets; and make effective use of the Chamber of Commerce The role of a bridge between the government and enterprises, to provide member enterprises with policy information at all levels of government in a timely and accurate manner, and actively assist industry enterprises to obtain government policy support; hold a group to warm up, use the power of the chamber of commerce to speak for member enterprises and solve problems for member enterprises. Fighting for the rights and interests of member companies, while extensively integrating social resources to serve member companies.