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How to design a stainless steel tension spring compression spring?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Spring is a common thing in our lives, and it will exist in many places, such as some remote controls, auto parts and other products. Spring is a kind of products with more types. Today we come to Jiusheng spring manufacturer Introduce you how to design a good stainless steel tension spring compression spring.

compressed spring

Compression spring includes many parameters, let's first understand its parameter meaning.

Material-material material

Wire diameter-material diameter of the spring

Outer diameter-spring outer diameter

Number of turns-the total number of turns and the number of support turns at each end

Free length-body length in free state

Strength-the working height of the spring needs to be known when the spring has strength requirements-how much strength is when the spring is pressed (or pressed) to what length.


After understanding some relevant parameters of the spring, we have to analyze the relationship of some compression spring forces, which is an indispensable aspect for designing a good spring.

         Only after we understand the specific specifications and performance of the spring, the spring manufacturer can design a spring product that meets the needs of customers. If you need to design a stainless steel extension spring, you are welcome to call us.

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