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How to test the stress cracking of the embedded copper nut?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Copper nut manufacturers will have a problem in the process of manufacturing embedded copper nuts. Many copper nut manufacturers have embedded copper nuts in the production process of plastic products. After they are manufactured, stress cracking problems will occur over a period of time. How to solve this problem has become a problem for copper nut manufacturers. The following are some suggestions from the editor.

First of all: when manufacturing the embedded copper nut, that is, the embedded copper nut, some glass fiber can be appropriately added to the rubber material, which can enhance the fatigue resistance of the plastic, that is, increase the stress.

Second: In addition, the plastic on the outer wall of the embedded copper nut can be thickened appropriately, or a thin-walled copper nut can be customized.

Third: The plastic parts on the outer wall of the copper nut can be annealed during the manufacturing process, and the annealing treatment can eliminate the internal stress of the copper nut.

embedded hot melt copper nut

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