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Understand the processing technology of stainless steel products

2020-07-25 09:04:19

1. The stainless steel processing technology stipulates the processing and welding requirements of stainless steel parts.

2. Stainless steel processing materials

3. All materials should meet the requirements of the drawings.

4. Various materials and machine parts must have the manufacturer's manufacturing trademark: steel code or material number, qualification certificate and physical and chemical analysis report.

5. The material specifications, grades, materials, and batch numbers must be checked before material processing meets the requirements of the drawings.

6. The internal and external surface quality of the material should be inspected before processing. The surface must not have any defects such as cracks, folds, delamination, scarring, folds, hair lines, etc., and the above defects should be removed. The thickness reduction of the removed part shall not exceed the negative deviation allowed by the material standard.

7. Material processing. When processing prefabricated stainless steel materials, avoid carbon steel materials stored in the work area at the surrounding work site. If necessary, the carbon steel parts can be wrapped with rubber to prevent iron from polluting the stainless steel. If a carbon steel platform is used, Pave the template on the platform, and add rubber pads on the surface of the template in the attachment area. Do not touch stainless steel workpieces with your hands or dirty gloves at will during stainless steel processing, and wear clean labor protection supplies during processing. The tools used in stainless steel processing should meet the requirements of stainless steel processing, and should be marked with easy-to-identify signs to indicate that they are only used for stainless steel processing (workbenches, fixtures, crowbars, slag hammers, clank heads, hammers, Wire brushes, grinders, saws and other tools should all be stainless steel). Lifting ropes must be clean nylon ropes and other materials that conform to stainless steel lifting tools. All prefabricated stainless steel materials require quality assurance. When prefabricating, we must first check whether the various indicators of the material are within the specified tolerance range.

Understand the processing technology of stainless steel products



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