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What are the cutting tools used in the processing of stainless steel products

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Stainless steel is a very hard material that requires special stainless steel processing technology and tool cutting.

     Stainless steel is used for metal plates, decorative pressed wall panels and decorative tubes, and used for furniture frames, closet bars and handrails. It is a hard metal. Although it can be used for coating, most processing must be cut first. There are mainly the following types of stainless steel cutting tools.

     1. Circular saw

     Hand-held circular saws are tools for cutting large stainless steel plates. There are two basic types of metal cutting blades. The cheaper one is an abrasive blade or a cutting wheel, which is made by pressing abrasive grit into a blade, and the fibers are bonded through the blade. Together.

     These blades have a limited number of cuts and cannot perform very precise cutting. Special steel blades have thin cuts and special-shaped teeth, with diamond or carbon coating, suitable for cutting with high edge requirements, faster than abrasive blades, and longer life .



2. Power shear

    The power shear is a convenient tool for making delicate cuts, such as curves. When using stainless steel, the main problem is friction. The stainless steel heats up quickly, and the heat transfer to the blade will cause it to soften and break.

    Choose a fine-toothed tungsten carbide blade that does not react quickly to heat, and run the saw at a slower speed to minimize the friction heating effect.

    3. Band saw

    Cutting band saws are used for cutting pipes and square stainless steel. Unlike woodworking band saws, the knife is cut on a horizontal bed and the blade descends through the material. Some older metal band saws are upright, and some are used for wood or metal. of.

    The blade used for stainless steel has a tooth pattern similar to the jig saw blade and is made of tungsten carbide. Whether you use a metal cutting band saw or a multi-function saw, you can set the speed to low to achieve smooth cutting.

    4. Hand-held tools

    The hand-held rotary tool uses cutting wheel accessories to cut various materials. The rotary tool equipped with glass fiber reinforced cutting wheel accessories can cut hardened steel. Turn on the saw to reach full parameters before starting to cut, lower the saw to the surface, and let the saw slowly go through Pass the stainless steel until the cut is complete.

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