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Learn about embedded copper nuts

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Copper nut

Learn about embedded brass nuts

Use various embossed wires to produce copper nuts (usually lead brass, such as H59, 3604, 3602). The embedded knurled copper nuts we come into contact with every day They are all processed by precision automatic lathes. The reference standard for embedded knurled copper nuts comes from the national standard GB/T809, but the technical parameters of the various embedded nuts produced by our company have exceeded the relevant indicators required by the national standards.

The main operation method of the embedded knurled copper nut is injection molding. After heating, it is embedded into the plastic part or direct injection molding. If injection molding is used, PA/NYLOY/PET The melting point is above 200°C. The temperature of the embedded nut is rapidly increased after being melted into the plastic part. After injection molding, the plastic body rapidly cools and crystallizes and becomes hard. If the temperature of the embedded nut is still at a high temperature, it may be poured into copper The place where the nut contacts the plastic part begins to loosen or cracks appear. Therefore, copper nuts instead of carbon steel nuts are used in the injection molding of embedded nuts.

There are two ways to form the external knurling of the embedded copper nut. One is to use copper raw material to form the knurled pattern and then use the equipment for production. Generally this way The drawing pattern is straight, and the other is to use the round copper material to directly tap the teeth and emboss during the production process. This processing method can produce some non-standard size knurled copper nuts, embedded in the copper nuts The shape of the embossing can be selected by the user, such as various knurling patterns such as reticulation, eight-character embossing, herringbone embossing, etc.

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